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BioMicroWorld2017 Conference

We would like to draw your attention to the next

BioMicroWorld2017 Conference
VII International Conference on Environmental, Industrial and Applied Microbiology

that will be held in Madrid (Spain) on 18-20 October 2017.

Important deadlines

17 August: abstract submission
5 September: late registration
2 November: full paper submission

You are still in time to submit an abstract of your most recent research results.
Some core topics proposed for the conference will include:
• Agriculture, soil, forest microbiology
• Environmental, marine, aquatic microbiology. Geomicrobiology
• BBB - Biodeterioration, Biodegratation, Bioremediation
• Microbiology of food and animal feed
• Industrial microbiology
• Microbial production of high-value products: drugs, chemicals, fuels, electricity...
• Biotechnologically relevant enzymes and proteins
• Medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical microbiology
• Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy. Antimicrobial resistance
• Biofilms
• Microbial physiology, genetics, evolution and adaptation
• Methods and technology development

You may be interested in having a look at the list of accepted abstracts so far and to the Plenary lecture "Chironomids and Vibrio cholerae - Friends or Foes?" by Dr Malka Halpern (University of Haifa, Israel).

The proceedings of the meeting will be formally released as a book that will be published by BrownWalker Press, which will ensure an adequate international distribution and availability of the book. Deadline for full paper submission: 2 November 2017. More info on the BioMicroWorld2017 Conference website.

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