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Fabio MINELLI (Laboratory Technician)

He is laboratory technician at the EU-RL for E. coli. He is actively involved in the surveillance of VTEC infections by carrying out the laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis of infections and takes part to the outbreak investigations. He is mainly involved in the analysis of clinical samples for the diagnosis of VTEC infections and strains’ isolation and pheno-genotypic characterization. He carries out the serologic diagnosis of VTEC infections through the detection of antibodies raised against the main VTEC serogroups in the blood of patients with HUS. He collaborates to the organization of the annual Proficiency Tests, in technical procedures production and sample preparation and testing. Finally, he participates in the research projects of the EU-RL VTEC on the study of the evolution of VTEC virulence and on the assessment of methods for food analysis including the development of new analytical methodologies.

Tel. +39 06 4990 3697

Published 04-11-2013 in EU-RL Staff , last update 22-12-2015


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