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About us

About us

The Unit of Statistics (STAT) has always been playing a transversal role within the Italian National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità - ISS), both with respect to the activities performed within the SISTAN (the Italian National Statistical System) and to the interactions and collaborations with ISS scientific and technical units.

Following the Approval of ISS Regulation on its organization and functioning (Decree of the Ministry of Health March 2, 2016 - GU 88 of 15.04.2016), STAT has become a Scientific and Technical Service of ISS, with the name of Statistics Service and the following tasks:

- Representing ISS in the National Statistical System and conducting all activities in this field as per law.

- Performing statistical and epidemiological analyses of demographic and health data from current flows and participating in international collaborations.

- Performing significant statistical activities in the field of public health.

Another important part of STAT mission is represented by research activities in collaboration with ISS Departments/Centres and other organizational units.


Following the major steps (regulations) that have defined the development of STAT to its current definition:

- 1989: Establishment of the Italian National Statistical System (Legislative Decree 6/9/89, n. 322 - G.U. 22/09/89).
- 1991: ISS is located among those Institutions whose Statistical Units are part of the SISTAN (DPCM 29/10/91 - G.U. 19/11/91).
- 1992: “birth” of the Unit of Statistic of ISS, within the Laboratory of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DM 13/05/92).
- 2003: STAT becomes Unit within the new National Center for Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion (CNESPS), established with the Regulation of ISS Organization (ISS Decree 24/1/2003 - G.U. 10/02/2003).
- 2016: STAT becomes an autonomous Technical-Scientific Service of ISS, Head Dr. Susanna Conti, as per Resolution of ISS Board of Directors, October 11, 2016.


- Coordination of the activities related to ISS participation to the annual surveys of the National Statistical Programme (PSN), that collect data and information about several institutions.

- Proposal, investigation and coordination of ISS contributions to the PSN (the corpus of the Official Statistics of our Country concerning several social and economic sectors).

- Participation (representing ISS) in two "Quality Circles" (bodies set up by the heads of statistical offices of the entities that are part of SISTAN and that operate in different sectors): "Health and Health Care" and "Environment and Territory", screening all the statistical work proposed by the various bodies of SISTAN to be included in the PSN; special attention is here devoted to personal data protection.

ISS will contribute to the National Statistical Programme (PSN) 2017-2019 (update 2018-2019, submitted on 31/01/2017) with 32 statistical surveys, 30 within the Health sector, 2 within the Environment sector.


Database Management of current flows - mortality and Hospital Discharge Records (HDRs)

STAT annually receives, from Istat and the Italian Ministry of Health (respectively), data on causes of death and HDRs, on the basis of two specific agreements whose responsible for ISS is the head of STAT. The Service of Statistics then updates the two databases concerning mortality and HDRs. A version of the mortality database is available to the public within ISS website and it is ISS most visited database.

Public Health Studies based on the utilization and optimization of current data concerning:

- health profile of the population (for more info, please visit the website;
- health and environment, with a special regard to polluted sites;
- incidence/prevalence of particular pathological conditions, such as rare cancers and rare diseases;
- suicidal phenomenon.

Prompt performance of statistical and epidemiological analysis in response to extemporaneous questions on Public Health from public bodies: parliamentary interrogations/motions and answers to question-time; answers to specific requests from the Ministry of Health.

Contribution to the Report on the Health Status of the Country (RSSP), for the sections concerning Causes of Death and Diseases Impact.


Annamaria Carinci
Susanna Conti (Head)
Lucilla Di Pasquale
Stefano Maria D'Ottavi
Giuseppe Loreto
Valerio Manno
Giada Minelli
Monica Vichi


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