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Italian National Registry of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Assisted reproductive technology has been used in Italy since 1984 to help couples with fertility problems to have children. Only twenty years later in 2004 a specific law on the application of those techniques has been published. Since 2005 according to this national law in the National Health Institute (Istituto Superiore di Sanità - ISS) has been established the National Register on ART procedures. Sending data to the Register for all the Italian Centres performing ART procedures and IUI is mandatory.

Data on efficacy, safety and outcomes of reproductive techniques including IUI are collected on a web site on a reserved area with a username and a password. Data collection on summary data from each center it is organized in two different times frames according to treatments and treatments outcomes. Data collection it is performed separately for IUI procedures and IVF-ICSI-GIFT on different electronic forms. Data collection is made on number of cycles performed for each technique, number of patients treated, kind of infertility diagnosed, complication during treatments and results, pregnancies outcomes and babies born.
The Register collect data only on a summary basis according to a national law on privacy protection (Dlg. 196/2003).
Task of the Register it is to provide each year a complete report on all the ART treatments and IUI procedures performed in the Country.
The annual national report on all treatments application it is provide to the Ministry of Health in overview. The Italian national ART Register send data to the European IVF Monitoring (EIM) and to the International Committee Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ICMART).
The Register web site has the goal to collect and disseminate data infomation related to IUI and ART procedures. The web site is a good tool to connect centers to the National Health Institute and the Local Regional Authorities. To link different professional associations, government health institutions and different stakeholders in the reproductive medicine field. There are different levels of interest in the web site, that give a service:

- for the patients
They can consult the list of all the authorized centers by different regions and have informations about the techniques they performed and availability of the service.
They can find on the home page all the informations regarding ART and IUI techniques and their application in Italy.
They can find also the links to patient associations, government institutions, national health service, European and International registers on ART and Fertility societies; many tools to better understand problems related to infertility matters, news on reproductive and infertility issues and a constant view on Italian Legislation on reproductive field.

- for ART clinics
They can fill the forms on their activity each year and they have access to their local authority and to the national Register staff in any moment.

- for all the 20 Italian regions
They can see all the data relating the centers operating on their territory and they can easily monitor and elaborate data on their specific activity.

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