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RIAP aims and organization

Aim of the Italian arthroplasty registry (Riap), a project of the Italian national institute of health (Iss), is to organize the national registry, a valuable instrument for:

  • maintaining under constant control the use of joint replacements;
  • protecting patients safety;
  • interacting with Registries active in other countries.

Organizing a national registry of arthroplasty means to collect data about the implanted device, the patient, the surgery and the follow-up for all the procedures performed at a national level. The data collected in the registry allow to analyze the implants survival and to recall the patients in case of failures. All the data are managed according to the requirements of the privacy rules.

The registry...

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How the project was born

The musculoskeletal diseases are the most common chronic conditions with high potential for disability, and represent the 50% of them in people aged over 65 years. In case of hip or knee affections, it is widely reported in the scientific literature that joint replacements improve the quality of life of patients restoring joint function and reducing pain.

In Italy, about 160,000 arthroplasties are performed annually. This huge number of procedures and the high impact of them on the public health system, has motivated the health authorities to support the implementation of registries aimed at monitoring the use of the implanted devices, tracking the patient in case of failure and optimize the use of available resources.

In the late '70es Scandinavian countries...

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The Italian Arthroplasty Registry (Riap)

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Steering committee

The Steering committee, appointed May 28, 2008, by the President of the Iss, Enrico Garaci, is responsible for the work and progress of the Riap project.

Members of the Steering committee are:

Representing the Italian national institute of health (Iss)
• Dr. Eng. Marina TORRE - Project investigator, President of the Steering committee
• Dr. Susanna CONTI - Office of statistics, Director
• Dr. Virgilia TOCCACELI - Privacy and data protection expert
• Dr. Paolo ROAZZI - Informatics expert

Representing the Ministry of health
• Dr. Antonella COLLIARDO - DG for medical devices and pharmaceutical services (Dgfdm)
• Dr. Marina URPIS - DG for medical devices and pharmaceutical services...

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Legal information

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