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PERSUADED Scientific Notice Board

Published 02-17-2015 in Documents , last update 12-06-2016 More...



LIFE-PERSUADED Informative Brochure

Published 09-18-2015 in Documents , last update 09-18-2015 More...



PERSUADED Recruitment leaflet English

Recruitment leaflet English

Published 07-30-2015 in Documents , last update 09-18-2015 More...


Decalogue for citizens

The "Decalogue for citizens" aims to inform the public about risks arising from the exposure to certain chemicals found in commonly used objects.
The knowledge of both the sources of exposure to these substances and the possible alternatives would help citizens taking appropriate decisions and consequently reducing risks.

Edited by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and the National Institute of Health.

Published 01-14-2015 in Documents , last update 01-14-2015 More...



PERSUADED Kick-off Meeting Agenda and Photogallery

Download the Agenda and Photogallery of the Kick-off Meeting held in Rome, 9th of september 2014, at the headquarters of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità. The meeting, chaired by the Coordinator CKick-off inzia Rocca, was attended by the project partners, respectively, Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital (OPBG), Rome (Dr. Cianfarani) and the National Research Council - Institute of Clinical Physiology, (IFC-CNR), Pisa (Dr Gastaldelli) and by the Consortium members actively involved in the project, namely pediatricians' s National Association (Dr. Toffol responsible for the Environmental Working Group and Dr. Reali), and the Italian Federation of Paediatricians (FIMP) Marche region (Dr. Fabbrizi, Dr Ciferri).

Published 09-23-2014 in Documents , last update 09-23-2014 More...


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