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Project Management

Project management structure

ACTION E.1: Project management

The Project Management will ensure the control and supervision of the project according to the work plan, for achieving the overall objectives of the project, and for the scientific and financial aspects of the project as a whole. The management structure, involving the project coordinator together with the manager and two project manager collaborators will coordinately act to ensure the Project Management.

Project Management staff:

Project coordinator: Cinzia La Rocca

Project manager: Luca Busani

Project manager collaborator: Francesca Maranghi

Project manager collaborator: Sabrina Tait

Duties of the PM staff:

1. the PC is responsible for liaison between the consortium and the Commission, including contractual obligations. She is also responsible for the effective running of and the systematic interaction with all the organizational elements of the partners.
2. the PM will be in charge of the organization of the meetings, definition of the agenda, the periodical planning of the activities, writing of the management reports and EU mandatory reports (Inception report, progress report, mid-term and final report). The PM will be also in charge to verify the project progress and to identify promptly any risk or constrain that can jeopardize the project results. The PM will rely upon its collaborators above mentioned.

Project activity plan:

  • Beneficiaries Kick-off meeting (Month 1 from the project starting)
  • Project meeting (1) (month 2) to plan training and guidelines production
  • Beneficiaries conference calls, involving the responsible people of the ongoing tasks (at least every three months)
  • Beneficiaries plenary meetings (every nine months, for a total of 5 meetings)
  • EU Project Reporting: Project reporting requirements of the EC will be followed, including the “Inception Report”, Mid-term report with payment request” “Final report with payment request”.
  • According to the regular reporting of the project monitoring and the communication between beneficiaries and PM, the project activities will be re-planned. Moreover, contingency planning will be considered whenever the situation will require additional efforts to complete activities.

Project monitoring:

Each Beneficiary responsible of the Actions of the project will prepare at the first month of the action a detailed plan of activities, which will be updated in occasion of the periodic reports, identifying verifiable steps within the Action. Every nine months a plenary meeting with the beneficiaries will be organized to verify the project achievements and discuss the new WBD and Gantt chart.
PERSUADED project management has been fully described in Action E.1 of the project proposal.


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