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Proposal for a Decalogue on nutrition and food safety during pregnancy

Nutrition and Food Safety for primary prevention of congenital anomalies: Proposal for a Decalogue on nutrition and food safety during pregnancy based on EU recommendations

Published 02-18-2016 in Risk mitigation , last update 01-10-2019 More...


Current Knowledge on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) from Animal Biology to Humans, from Pregnancy to Adulthood: Highlights from a National Italian Meeting

Wildlife has often presented and suggested the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Animal studies have given us an important opportunity to understand the mechanisms of action of many chemicals on the endocrine system and on neurodevelopment and behaviour, and to evaluate the effects of doses, time and duration of exposure. Although results are sometimes conflicting because of confounding factors, epidemiological studies in humans suggest effects of EDCs on prenatal growth, thyroid function, glucose metabolism and obesity, puberty, fertility, and on carcinogenesis mainly through epigenetic mechanisms. This manuscript reviews the reports of a multidisciplinary national meeting on this topic.

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Published 06-25-2015 in Emerging aspects , last update 06-25-2018 More...


Thyroid Disruption: the report of the EU Workshop (March 2017) is on-line

The report describes the outcomes of a project that culminated in a workshop on thyroid disruption, held on 29th - 31st March 2017 in Maison-Alfort near Paris, France, on the premises of ANSES.
The workshop objectives were:

  • To address and discuss interpretations of experimental laboratory studies, wildlife field data as well as human epidemiological data in relation to the identification of thyroid disrupting substances;

  • to identify ways forward in addressing potential gaps in the test methods in relation to identification of thyroid disrupting substances.

The full report cab be downloaed here

Published 12-06-2017 in Emerging aspects , last update 12-06-2017 More...


Adverse outcome pathways: opportunities, limitations and open questions

"Adverse outcome pathways: opportunities, limitations and open questions" Arch Toxicol. 2017 Oct 19. doi: 10.1007/s00204-017-2045-3. [Epub ahead of print]
elaborated within the H2020 Project Eu-ToxRisk.

Marcel Leist, Ahmed Ghallab, Rabea Graepel, Rosemarie Marchan, Reham Hassan, Susanne Hougaard Bennekou, Alice Limonciel, Mathieu Vinken, Stefan Schildknecht, Tanja Waldmann, Erik Danen, Ben van Ravenzwaay, Hennicke Kamp, Iain Gardner, Patricio Godoy, Frederic Y. Bois, Albert Braeuning, Raymond Reif, Franz Oesch, Dirk Drasdo, Stefan Höhme, Michael Schwarz, Thomas Hartung, Thomas Braunbeck, Joost Beltman, Harry Vrieling, Ferran Sanz, Anna Forsby, Domenico...

Published 10-24-2017 in Emerging aspects , last update 10-24-2017 More...


Food Chains and Ecosystems

This section collects scientific references on possible approaches aimed to mitigate the exposure and/or hazard from endocrine disrupters and other contaminants in food chains and the environment .

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