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Institutional activities

Institutional activities include training and consulting for public institutions operating in the fields of public health and/or environment (i.g.: Ministries, regional or municipal administrations, prevention departments of local health units, environmental protection agencies, Court Houses). In particular, members of the unit, as epidemiologic experts of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, sit in specific boards of the Ministry for Health, the Ministry for the Environment or of the European Community. Specific boards deal with:

  • air pollution in urban areas;
  • classification and labeling of toxicants;
  • waste disposal.

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Intervention area

Environmental epidemiology studies the relationships between the health status of populations and their exposures to pollutants present and/or measurable in different environmental matrices (air, water, soil). The activity of the Unit is mostly focused on involuntary exposures, namely:

  • exposure to environmental pollutants deriving from industrial activities;
  • exposure to vehicle exausts in urban areas;
  • exposure to toxicants in drinkable water;
  • exposure to toxic agents released in soil and groundwater tables by waste dumpings.

Within this frame the study of populations experiencing high level exposures to some given agents ("high risk groups") deserves considerable interest. At an international level the International Society for...

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Research activities

Research activities are focused on:

  • estimating associations between environmental exposures and occurrence of disease in the populations at study;
  • evaluating such associations on the etiological ground.

A considerable interest is for the areas at elevated risk of environmental crisis and for the sites of national interest for environmental reclamation. Research and institutional activities in this field are carried out jointly. Collaborations are active with:

Scientific Cooperation ISS - IFA

Collaboration Agreement between the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS) and the IFA Ecuador - Corporación para el Desarrollo de la Producción y el Medio Ambiente Laboral, concerning joint development of investigations, training activities, dissemination and advising on environmental and health issues.

Scientific Responsible for the Collaboration Agreement:

  • Dr. Pietro Comba, Director of the Environmental Epidemiology Unit, Department of the Environment and Primary Prevention, ISS.
  • Dr. Raúl Harari, Director of IFA. IFA is an Ecuadorian Non Governmental Organization, that since more than ten years, has been carrying out studies on occupational and environmental health at national and international level. It is...

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