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The TE Registry on the Eurocet website has been temporarily suspended

Unfortunately, the TE Registry on the Eurocet website has been temporarily suspended and it cannot be consulted.
The reason is that we were informed that it was being CONFUSED with the official EU TE Compendium, thus causing problems with the correct implementation of the Single European Coding System.

The misunderstanding might have been caused by the fact that the Eurocet Team was part of the consortium that worked at the EU Service Contract called “Eurocet128".
Before the "Eurocet 128" consortium was created, Eurocet, with the endorsement of the European Commission, published and managed on this website the registry of tissue establishments coming from all Competent Authorities thus responding to the requirements set out in article 10 of the Directive 2004/23/CE.
This first version of the Registry was used by the “Eurocet128" consortium that created both the TE and the Product compendia which were handed OVER to the European Commission for management, as soon as they were finished and perfected.

The EU Coding Platform hosted by the European Commission which contains both the TE and Product compendium are now publicly available at this page

We apologise for the inconvenience.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us at Eurocet email , should you need further clarifications.
Eurocet Team

Published 06-05-2007 in Registro Institutos de Tejidos , last update 04-11-2016


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