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Dementias defines a group of chronic degenerative diseases including a different conditions whose natural history is characterized by a more or less rapid progression of cognitive deficits, behavioral disorders and functional damage, with loss of autonomy and independence at different levels of disability, and subsequent dependence on others. Dementia affects social and work activities and causes a decline in the abilities of the affected person.

The different forms of dementia

There are different forms of dementia that can be categorized based on the progression of the disease.
Dementias can be either reversible or irreversible.
The reversible forms are a small percentage. Deficits in these cases are secondary to diseases or...

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Services for people with dementia

The Italian National Institute of Health (NIH), with mandate and funding by the Ministry of Health, carried out the first survey of all public and private health structures and social health structures available in Italy for people with dementia. The Italian NIH made also available, through the website “Dementia Observatory”, an online map including the addresses and other relevant information on all available services dedicated to dementias (centers for cognitive diseases and dementias CDCD, Daycare centers, Residential care facilities).

A total of 2594 health and social health structures totally or partially covered by the public healthcare service are included in the website of the Dementia Observatory, within an online map that allows to search by type of...

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About us

 Dementia Observatory is an institutional thematic website dedicated to dementias. The Ministry of Health CCM has supported its realization within the National Health Institute’s website.
The National Center of Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion of the National Health Institute, in the person Prof. Nicola Vanacore as principal investigator, was entrusted, within the 2013 central actions of the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control (CCM) of the Ministry of Health, the management of the project: “Survey of the social and health services dedicated to dementias and creation of a specific website called Observatory for dementias”.
The project aimed at providing an overview of all health services and health and social services dedicated to...

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Italian National Dementia Plan

The Italian National Dementia Plan was defined in October 2014 by the Italian Ministry of Health in close cooperation with the regions, the National Institute of Health, and the three major national associations of patients and carers.

The main purpose of this strategy was to provide definitive indications for promoting and improving interventions in the field of dementia. These indications aimed at being not limited to specialist and therapeutic actions, but particularly focused on the support of patients and families throughout the pathways of care.

Four main objectives are indicated:
1) promoting health - and social-care interventions and policies;
2) creating/strengthening the integrated network of services for dementia based on an...

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The European and International context

The issue of dementia is focusing the attention of European and international institutions. This is also due to the progressive aging of population, that is causing a relevant demographic change affecting also public health and the sustainability of health systems.
The European Commission, the World Health Organization, and recently also the G8 specific summit held in London in December 2013, stated that dementia is a priority in the global agenda for the next years.
The Paris Conference held in October 2008 during the semester of French presidency, started the subscription of several shared programmatic documents, and a series of activities to support them.
The Conclusions of the European Council on the Public Health Strategies against neurodegenerative diseases,...

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