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Additional tasks

Guidelines - Three guidelines, "Guideline for the detection of Trichinella larvae at the slaughterhouse in a quality assurance system", "Guideline for the identification and development of sampling methods and design of suitable protocols for monitoring of Trichinella infection in indicator species" and “Guidelines for the validation of apparatuses for the detection of Trichinella larvae” are published in the EURLP web site (see section “Documents - EURLP Documents”).

Standardization of methods for the detection of parasites in food - Harmonization and standardization of diagnostic methods is one of the tasks of the EURLP. In this context, a EURLP representative participates since 2007 to the annual joint meetings of the ISO/TC34/SC9 (International Organization for Standardization/Technical Committee 34 - Food products/Sub-Committee 9 - Microbiology) and the CEN/TC275/WG6 (European Committee for Standardization/Technical Committee 275 - Food analysis - Horizontal methods /Working Group 6 - Microbiology of the food chain). A standardization process on detection of parasites in food was launched, giving priorities to the work on Trichinella, Cryptosporidium and Giardia. At the moment, the DIS voting/CEN Enquiry stage for the finalized draft of the standards “Digestion method for the detection of Trichinella larvae in meat” and "Detection and enumeration of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in fresh leafy green vegetables and berry fruits" started, as well as inter-laboratory studies for the standardization of antigens and sera to be used for Trichinella serology.

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