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Technical and scientific support to NRLs and third countries

Visit to NRLs - Eleven NRLs for parasites (Bulgaria and Cyprus in 2007, Romania and Ireland in 2008, Latvia and Slovak Republic in 2009, Estonia and Greece in 2010, France in 2011, Czech Republic in 2012 and Germany in 2013) were visited up to now by the head of the EURLP.

Training for Personnel of NRLs and from developing countries - A total of 76 persons (2 in the course of 2006, 14 in the course of 2007, 4 in the course of 2008, 21 in the course of 2009, 11 in the course of 2010, 8 in the course of 2011, 4 in the course of 2012 and 12 in the course of 2013, respectively), have spent from 1 day up to 6 months at the EURLP laboratories for training activities in the field of foodborne zoonotic parasites.

Organisation of workshops - The EURLP organized nine annual workshops for NRLs for parasites (see section “Workshops” for details), during which issues such as results of proficiency testing and ring trials were discussed, and international experts were invited to give lectures on the most recent knowledge on epidemiology, diagnosis and control of foodborne parasitic zoonoses.

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