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Rare diseases toll free number
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 The Rare Diseases Toll Free Number (TVRM-Telefono Verde Malattie Rare)) has been officially created on February 29, 2008, in occasion of the first rare diseases awareness day.
The service is directly managed by the ISS National Rare Diseases Centre (CNMR), covers the whole national territory and is entirely toll-free.

The operators dealing with the 800.89-69-49 are experienced researchers that, through an active and personalized listening, gather and provide information on diseases, about exemptions from contribution, addressing the user to the presidia for diagnosis and treatment included in the National rare diseases network and to the patients’ Associations.

The information provided refer to scientific literature and governing law, in particular to the...

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Counseling is the methodology adopted by TVMR researchers.
The aim of phone counseling is to support discomforted citizens anonymously if requested, addressing them to specialized structures, if possible located in their area of residence, both for treatment (centres identified by the Regions) and for support (patients’ Associations).
Counseling is a process that helps people solving and managing problems and make decisions through dialogue and interaction. It involves a user and a counsellor: the first one is a subject needing help, the second one is an experienced, impartial individual, not related with user, trained to listen and able to provide support and guidance.

The instruments

A computerised...

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 All gathered data are treated in compliance with the governing law (L.D. June 30, 2003 n. 196). To read the privacy information visit the section “Related Documents”.

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