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Marco Lalle

+39 06 4990 2670
299, Viale Regina Elena
00161 - Rome (Italy)

Curriculum vitae


  1. Chaligiannis I, Lalle M, Pozio E, Sotiraki S. Anisakidae infection in fish of the Aegean Sea. Veterinary parasitology 2012;184(2-4):362-366.
  2. Lalle M, Camerini S, Cecchetti S, Sayadi A, Crescenzi M, Pozio E. The interaction network of the 14-3-3 protein in the ancient protozoan parasite Giardia duodenalis. Journal of proteome research 2012;11(5):2666-2683.
  3. Lalle M, Camerini S, Cecchetti S, Fantauzzi BC, Crescenzi M, Pozio E. Giardia Duodenalis 14-3-3 protein is polyglycylated by a tubulin tyrosin ligase-like member and deglycylated by two metallocarboxypeptidases. Journal of biological chemistry 2011;286(6):4471-4484.
  4. Lalle M, Currà C, Ciccarone F, Pace T, Cecchetti S, Fantozzi L, Ay B, Braun Breton C, Ponzi M. Dematin, a component of the erythrocyte membrane-skeleton, is internalized by the malaria parasite and associates with Plasmodium 14-3-3. Journal of biological chemistry 2011;286(2):1227-1236.
  5. Lalle M, Bavassano C, Fratini F, Cecchetti S, Boisguerin P, Crescenzi M, Pozio E. Involvement of 14-3-3 post-translational modifications in Giardia duodenalis encystation. International journal for parasitology 2010;40(2):201-213.
  6. Lalle M, Rosati MA, Bien J, Hehl AB, Pozio E, Tosini F. Expression of Cryptosporidium parvum Cpa135/CpCCP1 chimeras in Giardia duodenalis: organization of the protein domains affects the protein secretion pathway. Experimental parasitology 2010;
  7. Lalle M. Giardiasis in the post genomic era: treatment, drug resistance and novel therapeutic perspectives. Infectious disorders drug targets 2010;10(4):283-294.
  8. Gomez Morales MA, Ludovisi A, Pezzotti P, Amati M, Cherchi S, Lalle M, Pecoraro F, Pozio E, Ring Trial Participants. International ring trial to detect anti-Trichinella IgG by ELISA on pig sera. Veterinary parasitology 2009;166(3-4):241-248.
  9. Fumarola L, Monno R, Ierardi E, Rizzo G, Giannelli G, Lalle M, Pozio E. Anisakis pegreffi etiological agent of gastric infections in two Italian women. Foodborne pathogens and disease 2009;6(9):1157-1159.
  10. Lalle M, Bruschi F, Castagna B, Campa M, Pozio E, Cacciò SM. High genetic polymorphism among Giardia duodenalis isolates from Sahrawi children. Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2009;103(8):834-838.
  11. Di Girolamo F, Raggi C, Birago C, Pizzi E, Lalle M, Picci L, Pace T, Bachi A, de Jong J, Janse CJ, Waters AP, Sargiacomo M, Ponzi M. Plasmodium lipid rafts contain proteins implicated in vesicular trafficking and signalling as well as members of the PIR superfamily, potentially implicated in host immune system interactions. Proteomics 2008;8(12):2500-2513.
  12. Cacciò SM, Beck R, Lalle M, Marinculic A, Pozio E. Multilocus genotyping of Giardia duodenalis reveals striking differences between assemblages A and B. International journal for parasitology 2008;38(13):1523-1531.
  13. Lalle M, Frangipane di Regalbono A, Poppi L, Nobili G, Tonanzi D, Pozio E, Cacciò SM. A novel Giardia duodenalis assemblage A subtype in fallow deer. Journal of parasitology 2007;93(2):426-428.
  14. Gelanew T, Lalle M, Hailu A, Pozio E, Cacciò SM. Molecular characterization of human isolates of Giardia duodenalis from Ethiopia. Acta tropica 2007;102(2):92-99.
  15. Lalle M, Salzano AM, Crescenzi M, Pozio E. The giardia duodenalis 14-3-3 protein is post-translationally modified by phosphorylation and polyglycylation of the c-terminal tail. Journal of biological chemistry 2006;281(8):5137-5148.
  16. Lalle M, Jimenez E, Cacciò SM, Pozio E. Genotyping of Giardia duodenalis from humans and dogs from Mexico using a beta-giardin nested polymerase chain reaction assay. Journal of parasitology 2005;91(1):203-205.
  17. Lalle M, Pozio E, Capelli G, Bruschi F, Crotti D, Cacciò SM. Genetic heterogeneity at the beta-giardin locus among human and animal isolates of Giardia duodenalis and identification of potentially zoonotic subgenotypes. International journal for parasitology 2005;35(2):207-213.
  18. Crotti D, D'Annibale ML, Fonzo G, Lalle M, Cacciò SM, Pozio E. Dientamoeba fragilis is more prevalent than Giarda duodenalis in children and adults attending a day care centre in central Italy. Parasite 2005;12(2):165-170.

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