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About us

About us

The CNESPS* biobank is a population based research infrastructure for public health. It stores biological material collected from groups of individuals, all ages, resident in Italy, selected according to different study criteria (e.g. the elderly, newborns, twins etc.). They agree to participate to research projects and to donate blood or other tissues.
The Biobank currently stores approximately 290,000 biological specimens collected from 40,000 individuals between 1993 and 2014. The biological material is linked with health and life-style information provided by donors during health examinations and interviews. Several sample collections are part of longitudinal studies with follow-up for various health related traits (mainly cardiovascular diseases) or data linkage with official administrative and medical data set.

The CNESPS biobank has most of its origin in the life-course epidemiology activities conducted by several research groups. During the ‘80s, a series of cohort studies on cardiovascular diseases, conducted within the Cuore Project, collected serum samples from subgroups of the general population in Italy. The procedures for collecting and storing biological materials were then uniformed according to those of the European EPIC Project, which provided the standard for the storage of samples in liquid nitrogen.
Other population based studies provided important collections of biological materials. Among them, projects on cognitive decline (IPREA and DEMENZE Projects); research aiming to disentangle the genetic and environmental components of various multifactorial diseases and health traits (The Italian Twin Register twin studies on atherosclerosis, autoimmune diseases, psychological and behavioural traits, etc); immunity studies (ESEN Project); newborns cohort studies on various health traits (Piccolipiù Project).
The Biobank was formally established in 2005 at the Centre for Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion of the National Institute of Health, Rome.

Coordinator:Simona Giampaoli

Deputy Coordinator:Lorenza Nistico

Scientific Committee: Simona Giampaoli, Maria Antonietta Stazi, Emanuele Scafato, Maria Cristina Rota, Lorenza Nisticò, Luigi Palmieri, Chiara Donfrancesco, Lucia Galluzzo

Ethical and legal issues expert: Virgilia Toccaceli

Technical assistants: Cinzia Lo Noce and Riccardo Scipione

For information on data and sample sharing please refer to the scientist responsible of each project research projects

*CNESPS: National Centre for Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion

Published 28-01-2014 in About us , last update 20-03-2015


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