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EUROmediCAT Conference 2015

TheEUROmediCAT European Conference “Safety of Medication use in Pregnancy” to be held 2-4 February, 2015 in Poznań, Poland.

The Conference will be for the EUROmediCAT consortium (EU FP7 funded project, due for completion in early 2015), key stakeholders from across Europe and regional stakeholders (Poland and surrounding countries).
We anticipate attendance by pharmacoepidemiologists, obstetricians, neonatologists, diabetologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, respiratory physicians, paediatricians, geneticists, epidemiologists, pharmacists, public health specialists and all other professionals who deal with safety of medication during pregnancy.

The conference aims to disseminate EUROmediCAT results and to discuss these in the context of related research and to agree a set of recommendations for pharmacovigilance research, regulatory action and health policy relating to medication use in pregnancy. Workshop sessions will cover antidiabetics, antiepileptics, antidepressants and antiasthmatics during pregnancy (1-4), prevention of exposure to teratogenic drugs (5), methodology of reproductive pharmacoepidemiology (6) and recommendations for reproductive pharmacovigilance in Europe (7). Panel (round table) discussions with authorities in the field will be held (45 mins in each session), each with summing up and recommendations. Sustainability in terms of the development of the EUROmediCAT system will be considered.

On behalf of EUROmediCAT, we would like to invite you to attend the EUROmediCAT conference in Poland.

To register, visit

Abstract submission will be open until October 31st, 2014. Abstract Topics include:

  • Antidiabetics in pregnancy
  • Antiepileptics in pregnancy
  • Antidepressants in pregnancy
  • Antiasthmatics in pregnancy
  • Prevention of exposure to teratogenic drugs
  • Congenital malformations
  • Miscellaneous

For more information visit the website

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